New CCDC Documents to Launch

This December, CCDC will be publishing a new version of the CCDC 2 ‘Stipulated Price Contract’. This 2020 edition of CCDC’s flagship document features some important and well-needed changes, including a new approach towards payment legislations, the addition of provisions addressing early occupancy, and the introduction of the new ‘Ready-for-Takeover’ project milestone. Seals for the previous version of the document will continue to be sold until the end of 2021, but for those ready to make the switch, we are happy to exchange any 2008 seals for their 2020 counterparts.

The new CCDC 41 ‘Insurance Requirements’ will be posted to the CCDC website, available to view without purchase.

CCDC will also be publishing the brand new Master Specification for Division 01 ‘General Requirements’. Similar to the 2018 Master Specification for Division 00, this new document is a fully editable specification template containing helpful ‘spec notes’ to provide context and guidance.

The final document that will be published at this time is the brand new CCDC 31 ‘Service Contract Between Owner and Consultant’. This contract, adapted from the ACEC 31 and intended for use with consulting engineers, and covers everything from scope of services to payment provisions to dispute resolution.

All three documents will be available to order from SICA’s online story beginning December 14th.

SICA will be hosting courses on the updates to the CCDC 2 document in 2021.