COVID-19 Resources

Last Update: August 25, 2020 NEW!

Resources and information on the COVID-19 pandemic for the construction industry.

Book online for Statutory Declaration appointment. SICA’s COVID-19 Safety Plan


SICA and our partners are dedicated to helping you navigate through these challenging times. If you have questions that are not answered here, please email us.

Starting April 6th, BCCSA will be hosting a live video conference call to answer all your COVID-19 related construction questions. These sessions will be held all week and could continue depending on demand. Click here to join.

The construction sector is united in the fight against COVID-19. Read the op-ed published in the Vancouver Sun on May 29, 2020, co-signed by 21 leading industry organizations, including SICA.

SICA’s Employee Benefit Plan & FSEAP

  • BCCA Employee Benefits Crisis Relief Plan
    • The Crisis Relief Plan is a temporary measure to help you maintain benefits for you, your employees, and their families through premium/contribution relief and plan administration relief.
  • FSEAP – Coronavirus Tip Sheet

Working from Home Tips

Supply Products and Services to Support BC’s COVID-19 Response

Are you a business that can supply products and services in support of B.C.’s COVID-19 response? As worldwide demand increases, the B.C. Government is looking for both medical and non-medical products and services to help with the response.

Click here for more information

Government Construction Project Updates

Government Health Updates

Government Updates

  • Deferred Tax Payments
    • Effective immediately, B.C. is extending filing and payment deadlines for the following taxes until September 30, 2020:
      • Employer health tax
      • Provincial sales tax (including municipal and regional district tax)
      • Carbon tax
      • Motor fuel tax
      • Tobacco tax​

BC Construction Safety Alliance Resources:

Resources by BCCSA are constantly updated, please check their website for the most recent version.

Canadian Construction Association

Council of Construction Associations

  • COVID-19 Help Line: COCA has set up a member Help Desk for COVID-19 WorkSafeBC-related questions and concerns in an effort to expedite and, where possible, provide interim answers to your questions. Please forward COCA your questions in their template to

WorkSafeBC Resources:

Public Health Agency of Canada Downloadable Fact Sheets

Workforce Tips

  • Employer obligations are:
    • Reasonable precautions
    • Communication of hazards
    • Training
  • Reasonable precautions include:
    • Written plan
    • Education on infection prevention (handwashing etc.)
    • Require employees to stay home if sick
    • Require employees to stay home if they have traveled to an affected area
    • Require employees to report the location of travel
    • Post signs to communicate these instructions
    • Regular cleaning
    • Make disinfectants available
    • Engage a third-party medical advisor
    • You are required to report to WCB within 3 days if you think an employee contracted COVID-19 during employment.
  • Employment & Social Development Canada

At an unprecedented time like this, communicating your situation to us is more important than ever. We are asking you to keep us informed by filling out the COVID-19 Virtual Hotline Survey. Together, with the BC Construction Association and the 3 other Regional Construction Associations of BC, we are gathering feedback and questions on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the construction industry.


The input will be monitored each day and a team of industry experts has been formed to support us in our response to you and to the government:

  • Canadian Construction Association
  • BC Ministry of Finance
  • Partnerships BC
  • CBRE Ltd
  • Council Of Construction Associations
  • BCCA Employee Benefit Trust
  • WorkSafeBC
  • BC Construction Safety Alliance
  • Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP
  • Myers Norris Penny (MNP)
  • Pace Communications
  • Jouta Performance
  • Group Wylie-Crump Ltd