Send a letter via Build For Recovery campaign

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is asking members to send a letter via the Build for Recovery campaign.

Ensuring a consistent and timely flow of infrastructure funding remains one of CCA’s key priorities before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, eight provinces and two territories remain under 50 per cent of their agreed upon funding allocations and the backlog of unapproved projects threatens to hinder our sector’s ability to boost the post-COVID economy.

Provincial and federal politicians need to work together to get funds flowing to projects and minimize boom-bust cycles.

CCA is asking members have not yet had an opportunity to participate in the Build For Recovery advocacy campaign to do so. Our sector leaders are ready to partner with the government on rebuilding Canada’s economy and adding your voice will ensure they hear the demands of our membership loud and clear.

Visit the Build for Recovery website for more information and to send a letter to your Member of Parliament and provincial representative.