Ensure your workers are protected

Risks are minimized. A healthy and safe workplace is maintained.

Customized to your Business

SICA can assist you in developing and implementing a health & safety manual customized for your specific needs.

Formal Program:

20 or more employees and at least one workplace where there is a moderate or high risk of injury

50 or more employees

Informal Program:

Less than 20 employees

Certificate of Recognition (COR Ready):

Small COR

Large COR

Our Safety Program Includes:

Health & Safety Policies

Hazard Assessments

Safe Work Practices

Safe Job Procedures

Company Rules & Legislation


Preventative Maintenance

Training & Communications

Workplace Inspections

Investigations & Reporting

Emergency Response

Records & Statistics


Drug & Alcohol*


Return to Work Programs*

WHMIS 2015*

Workplace Violence*

*additional sections that can be added to your program.

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