SICA is Cutting the Ribbon on our New Website!!

SICA is happy to announce that as of May 25, 2021 our new website will be LIVE!

You will see some changes to the layout and content, and we hope you will like our fresh look. As a member, you will find some new information available in the Members Login area:

  • the main contact for each member will be able to update contact information, add information regarding your company (including your logo!), as well as add employees to your account;
  • you will be able to view your SICA transactions and print receipts/invoices or pay your invoice online! Note: employees will only see the purchases made under their user account; the main/accounting contact will see the company purchases;
  • when your membership renewal is approaching, the main/accounting contact will be able to easily renew online from the Membership Renewal link (not available until a month prior to expiry date);
  • be sure to check out the Document Centre link – this area will contain items such as free CCA Guides available to members, as well as the CCDC 9 Statutory Declaration forms for ease of downloading

Additional pages/information will be added as we expand.

We hope you will be as excited by this as we are, and our SICA staff are here to answer your questions.