Spotlight: Acres Enterprises Ltd.

When was Acres Enterprises Ltd. founded?  Acres Enterprises is a construction and development company with more than three decades of experience in general, industrial and civil contracting. They were founded in Kamloops, BC in 1980 and have been members of SICA since 1985.   

What services does Acres Enterprises provide?  Acres Enterprises Ltd. is a multi-disciplined contractor highly specialized in the following areas:  

  • Mining
  • Earthworks 
  • Water and Waste Water Facilities 
  • Subdivisions and Land Development 
  • Reservoirs 
  • Green Energy 
  • Water and Waste Water Systems 
  • Deep and Shallow Utilities 
  • Bridge Crossings 
  • Commercial, Industrial Developments 
  • Multi-Family Developments 

What would you like SICA Members to know about Acres Enterprises?  Acres Enterprises’ mission is to deliver a team of professionals who achieve the highest standard of construction and continually meet and exceed their clients’ expectations.   

What sets Acres Enterprises apart from the competition?  Acres is a multifaceted contractor with a focus on their core values, which are exercised every day by the Acres team.   

Ambitious – energetic, hardworking professional dedication 
Competent – consistent high quality workmanship 
Respectful – honesty, fairness, integrity and respect 
Engaged – going above and beyond for each other, clients and the company 
Supportive – building a culture of loyalty and positive team work  

How is Acres adjusting to changes in the industry? The Acres Enterprises team is a diversified and tech-savvy group of construction professionals. They innovate around traditional challenges to create opportunities and leverage new technologies to achieve continuous advances in construction practices.   

Contact Acres Enterprises:  

971 Camosun Crescent 
Kamloops, BC V2C 6G1 
(250) 372-7456